Toulouse E-Bike Tours

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Let us guide you along Toulouse heritage. Take part of a guided bike tours of Toulouse or  a bike tour getaway in the country. Our electric bike rides are organized in the heart of the pink city, along the canal du midi and in the country. Take off for an epic ebike tour, the whole family is welcome.

“Toulouse E-Bike Tour”

Toulouse E-Bike Tour

St Etienne Cathedral

Guided E-Bike Tour of Toulouse:

Going on a bike tour of Toulouse with an English-speaking local tour guide is the best way to get to know this fantastic city. You’ll cycle around the unique architecture made of bricks, that explain Toulouse nickname “The Pink City”. This tour will offer you an overwiew of Toulouse, passing by famous places, like the Canal du midi,  the  Garonne river banks,  St Sernin Basilica, Capitole Square, St Etiene Cathedral, cozy squares and much more! Do you want to get to know the city within a few hours? Then do a guided bike tour with us and let locals show you their hometown in a fun way!

Duration : 3h00, 15km         Type : Guided

Price: 35€

“Toulouse Nature”

Bicycle Hollydays

Goyrans Hiking trail

A natural getaway, Bike Tour starting from Toulouse

From Toulouse, This E-bike tour will allow you to move through  protected site, mixing nature and heritage. You will cycle along the Canal du midi, the Ariège river banks, and other typical landscape from this area. Far frome Toulouse busy center, you’ll reach a charming classified village, offering you a stunning overview of the Pyrénées.

Duration : 4h00, 35km          Type : Guided

Price: 55€

“Canal du Midi Expérience”

rent a bike in toulouse

Ride along the canal du midi

Canal du midi E-Bike ride:

From Toulouse, you will  ride along a monument of the south west, the Canal du Midi.  With one of our high end electric bikes, you’ll have the chance to ride along a wonderful bike path, formerly a towpaths. The green and refreshing atmosphere of this Unesco listed monument will be revealed gradually, at your own pace. Let’s enjoy a relaxing day, pedaling quietly toward the col de Naurouze, the highest point on the canal and your final stop. The return trip to Toulouse will be done by minibus at the end of the afternoon.

Duration :  1 Day         Type : Self Guided

Rate: 55€

“Along the Water”

Canal de Brienne

Canal de Brienne

Toulouse along the water, between the Garonne River and the Canal du Midi

Water is the guiding thread of this Tour. Discover all the water circulation through the city’s network. Ride along the famous canal du midi. Come pedaling along the wild Garonne river banks around Sesquières lake. Be amazed by the  beauty of the quay in the city center.

Duration: 3h30, 35km

Price: 45€

Discover Toulouse with our E bike tour. All our bike rides, are guided by a state certificate cycling instructor and to enjoy every kilometer of it,

We provide you with a high-end electric bike .

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