Electric Bike Rental in Toulouse

(On reservation only)

Rent a bike in Toulouse. We offer you to rent the Top of the range Electric Bike. Be aware, the french Brand “Moustache bikes” is warning you: “Once you try it, you’ll never want anything else”

Rental Terms and Conditions

Price Range:

Electric Trekking Bike

High-end French Brand

E bike RentalMoustache Samedi 27 XRoad 3     (Battery 500wh)

“One for all and everything’s possible!” That could be the bike’s motto.

Extra Day25€
1/2 Day*35€
1 Day45€
2 Days85€
3 Days119€
4 Days149€
5 Days175€
6 Days195€
1 Week210€

(*1/2 Day : 9h00-12h30 or 13h30-18h00)

Electric Tandem

High-end French BrandTandem MoustacheMoustache Samedi 27X2 TR

An incredible Ebike, an incredible capacity (2x500wh) “dualbattery”

Extra Day49€
1/2 Day*65€
1 Day89€
2 Days149€
3 Days204€
4 Days255€
5 Days305€
6 Days345€
7 Days379€

Extra Battery

Bosch Powerpack 500 wh


Junior size eMTB

(from approx. 1.35m size)

Moustache Samedi 26 Off

Samedi 26 Off

Ultra compact frame allowing the youngest to access the eBike world. Ideal to get started and enjoy family rides!

Extra Day18€
1/2 Day*19€
1 Day30€
2 Days58€
3 Days84€
4 Days109€
5 Days134€
6 Days158€
7 Days181€


Rear Panniers

(Ortlieb Back-Roller City)

Panniers Ortleib Back-Roller City

The Back-Roller City give bikers greater flexibility. Highly incandescent 3M Scotchlite material reflectors on the panniers’ sides give increased safety in traffic.

Extra Day2€
1/2 Day3€
1 Day5€
2 Days10€
3 Days15€
4 Days20€
5 Days25€
6 Days28€
1 Week30€

Bike Trailer

Kids pedal along!

(Weehoo “Igo venture”)

canal du midi

Kids bike trailer with pedals

Experience engaging, active adventures with the iGo bike trailer.  Kids pedal along, making effortless exploration. Safe, interactive, easy to install and all terrain!

Extra Day5€
1/2 Day10€
1 Day15€
2 Days30€
3 Days45€
4 Days55€
5 Days65€
6 Days75€
1 Week80€

Bike Trailer for 1 or 2 kids

with supension

(Croozer “Kid plus for two”)

canal du midi

Bicycle trailer for kids with suspension

Especialy made for your long ride, the innovative Croozer AirPad® suspension promises reliable shock absorption and adjusts automatically to the weight of the passengers.

Extra Day5€
1/2 Day15€
1 Day20€
2 Days35€
3 Days50€
4 Days60€
5 Days70€
6 Days80€
1 Week85€

Handlebar Bag

(Ortlieb, “Ultimate 6 m Plus”)

A must for any bike tour!



Child Bike Seat 


Child Bicycle Seat

(This Bike seat suit children from 12 month to 4/5 years, 22 kg max)



-Included with each E-Bike

-Bike Lock
-Service Kit

Where to pick up your E-Bike

Once your reservation has been made, we set up a meeting with you in front of the bike shop of our partner

“Cité2Roues” (Metro François Verdier)



At Home, at your guestroom, or at you Hotel


Thanks to give us the adress you want the bicycle to be delivered while booking*.

(This offer is limited to a 15km zone around the city center, for further places contact us)