Electric Bike Rental in Toulouse

Canal du midi bike rental specialist

(On reservation only)

Toulouse bike rental. You want to rent a bicycle in Toulouse,  we offer you the Top of the range!! . You’re looking for an Electric Bike, check our ebike made in France.  You’re looking for a reliable trekking bike, we certainly do have the best rental bike to offer in Toulouse

You just want to bike around or you want to go for a cycling adventure along the canal du midi, either-way our bikes will match perfectly. Our Brand, the French “Moustache bike” and the American “Trek bicycle” will do an excellent job and you’ll have a pleasant moment, even along the countless bumpy section of the canal du midi. 🙂

NEW :  Canal du Midi special offer      

1 Day Rental+47 km e-bike ride along the canal+Return trip in minibus
Ride along The Canal du Midi with an E-Bike

The Canal du Midi

Trekking bicycle

Type: Trek Dual Sport 2     

Perfect for the Canal du Midi, The Dual Sport 2 is a go-anywhere hybrid bike that performs on a variety of surfaces. It’s efficient on roads, stable on rougher terrain like gravel paths, comfortable wherever you ride it, equiped with racks, mudguards, a suspension fork, all-terrain tyres with extra traction and hydraulic disc brakes. This make the smart choice for riders who want to explore the canal du midi.

1 Day25€
2 Days40€
3 Days55€
4 Days70€
5 Days80€
6 Days90€
7 Days100€
Extra day7€

Electric bike “Moustache Bike”

Type: Samedi 27 XRoad 3, battery 500wh

High-end model, French brand    

Motor: Bosch Performance
Battery: Bosch 500wh (option:625 wh,+10€/day)
Autonomy: from 80 to 140kms. (depending on the assistance mode)
Derailleur: Shimano Deore 11 gear. Brake: hydraulic disc brakes Shimano MT200. Use: Trekking

1 Day45€
2 Days85€
3 Days119€
4 Days149€
5 Days175€
6 Days195€
1 Week210€
Extra Day25€/day
Battery 625wh+10€/day

Junior size E MTB 

Type: Moustache Samedi 26 Off 

Super fun, easy to use for riding as a family from 8/10 years old Ultra compact frame allowing the youngest to access the eBike world.

NB: minimum height 1m35

1 Day30€
2 Days58€
3 Days84€
4 Days109€
5 Days134€
6 Days158€
7 Days181€
Extra Day18€

Bicycle equipment

Rear Panniers

Panniers Ortleib Back-Roller City

Ortleib Rear panniers

Type: Back roller city
Capacity: 40 L (pair)

The Back-Roller City give bikers greater flexibility. Highly incandescent 3M Scotchlite material reflectors on the panniers’ sides increased safety in traffic.

Extra Day2€
1 Day5€
2 Days10€
3 Days15€
4 Days20€
5 Days25€
6 Days28€
1 Week30€

Luggage Trailer

bob-ibex trailer

Type: Bob Ibex
Maximum Load: 30kg
90L water proof bag supplied

With its rugged, three inches of adjustable suspension travel, the Ibex trailer will follow you to the ends of the earth.

Extra Day5€
1 Day20€
2 Days35€
3 Days50€
4 Days60€
5 Days70€
6 Days80€
1 Week85€

Kids Trailer

canal du midi

Type: Igo Venture
Who: kids from 2 to 9 yo
Rear panier: 40L

Experience engaging, active adventures with the iGo bike trailer.  Kids pedal along, making effortless exploration. Safe, interactive, easy to install and all terrain!

Extra Day5€
1 Day15€
2 Days30€
3 Days45€
4 Days55€
5 Days65€
6 Days75€
1 Week80€

2 Seats Bike Trailer 

Bike trailer rental Toulouse

Model: Igo Two
Who: Children from 2 to 9 yo
Charge Max: 45kg (global)

Safe, engaging, and fun. with the Weehoo TWO bike trailer, the front passenger pedals along, making effortless adventures, while the rear passenger enjoys the ride.

Extra Day5€
1 Day20€
2 Days35€
3 Days50€
4 Days60€
5 Days70€
6 Days80€
1 Week85€

Cosy Bike Trailer 1 or 2 kids

canal du midi

Model: Croozer kid Plus for 2
Charge Max: 45kg
Option 1: Babies Hammock for kids from 1 to 10 month (9kg max)
Option 2:  Pedestrian Mode 

Especialy made for your long ride, the innovative suspension promises reliable shock absorption and adjusts automatically to the weight of the passengers.

Extra Day5€
1 Day20€
2 Days35€
3 Days50€
4 Days60€
5 Days70€
6 Days80€
1 Week85€

Handlebar Bag

rear panier canal du midi

Model: Ortlieb Ultimate 6 M Plus

Capacity: 7 Litres

This waterproof  handlebar bag is the perfect place to securely stow your wallet and other valuables.



Child Seat 


Child Bicycle Seat

Who: Children from 1 to 4/5 yo
Charge Max: 22kg

NB: Only available in option with a rented bike



Extra Battery

Type: Bosch 500wh

An Extra battery to double your autonomy.

NB: Only available in option with a rented bike



Rental Inclusion

  • Helmet
  • Bike Lock
  • Service Kit


Travel relaxed!

“Enjoy your journey with our insurance option to stay out of trouble”

Rate: from 1€50 to 2€ / Day

Le VélOrement offer you to protect your rental bike against theft and damage at following rate:

Trekking bike“Trek dual sport 2”

  • 1€50/day 

Electric trekking bike “Moustache Samedi 27 Xroad3” et “Samedi 26 off”

  • 2€/day


In case of bike damage:

  • 10% of the repair

In case of theft:

  • 10% of the bike price

What is covered?

Your rental bike is covered for:

  • All accidental damage of the bike
  • Theft by mugging/break-in
  • Bike theft when attached to a fixed point, using the provided bike lock

What is excluded?

  • Theft of the bicycle not attached to a fixed point
  • Non-fixed accessories (pump, pike display, battery…)
  • Punctures, wear and tear…

Rental terms and conditions


Electric bike2000€
Junior E MTB1500€
Trekking bike400€
Extra battery600€
Luggage Trailer 400€
kids Trailer400€
Cosy Trailer500€

Where to pick up your E-Bike

Once your reservation has been made, we’ll set up a meeting with you in front of the bike shop of our partner

“Cité2Roues” (Metro François Verdier)


Delivery Options:

At Home, at your guestroom, or at you Hotel


Thanks to give us the adress you want the bicycle to be delivered while booking*.

(This offer is limited to a 15km zone around the city center, for further places contact us)