Electric Bike Rental in Toulouse

Canal du midi bike rental specialist

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Bike Rental in Toulouse: Explore the Pink City and/or the Canal du Midi by Pedaling

Your number one choice for bike rental in Toulouse! Whether you’re a local resident or an occasional visitor, our bike rental service offers you the freedom to discover all the treasures of the Pink City at your own pace.

Explore Toulouse by Bike

Toulouse is a city rich in history, culture, and charm, and there’s no better way to explore it than on two wheels. With our quality bikes and exceptional customer service, you can pedal along the banks of the Garonne, navigate the medieval streets of the city center, and discover the numerous parks and green gardens of the city.

Go Premium with our brands, Moustache bike and Trek

We offer High-end Electric Assist Bike Rental from the French brand “Moustache”, a specialist in Electric Assist Bikes, as well as trekking bikes from the TREK brand.

Our bikes are perfectly suited for your bike trips along the Canal du Midi, the many unpaved and chaotic sections of the towpath will be easily overcome.

NEW :  Canal du Midi special offer      

1 Day Rental+47 km e-bike ride along the canal+Return trip in minibus
Ride along The Canal du Midi with an E-Bike

The Canal du Midi

Trekking bicycle

Type: Trek Dual Sport 2     

Perfect for the Canal du Midi, The Dual Sport 2 is a go-anywhere hybrid bike that performs on a variety of surfaces. It’s efficient on roads, stable on rougher terrain like gravel paths, comfortable wherever you ride it, equiped with racks, mudguards, a suspension fork, all-terrain tyres with extra traction and hydraulic disc brakes. This make the smart choice for riders who want to explore the canal du midi.

1 Day25€
2 Days40€
3 Days55€
4 Days70€
5 Days80€
6 Days90€
7 Days100€
Extra day7€

Electric bike “Moustache Bike”

Type: Samedi 27 XRoad 3, battery 500wh

High-end model, French brand    

Motor: Bosch Performance
Battery: Bosch 500wh (option:625 wh,+10€/day)
Autonomy: from 80 to 140kms. (depending on the assistance mode)
Derailleur: Shimano Deore 11 gear. Brake: hydraulic disc brakes Shimano MT200. Use: Trekking

1 Day45€
2 Days85€
3 Days119€
4 Days149€
5 Days175€
6 Days195€
1 Week210€
Extra Day25€/day
Battery 625wh+10€/day

Junior size E MTB 

Type: Moustache Samedi 26 Off 

Super fun, easy to use for riding as a family from 8/10 years old Ultra compact frame allowing the youngest to access the eBike world.

NB: minimum height 1m35

1 Day30€
2 Days58€
3 Days84€
4 Days109€
5 Days134€
6 Days158€
7 Days181€
Extra Day18€

Bicycle equipment

Rear Panniers

Panniers Ortleib Back-Roller City

Ortleib Rear panniers

Type: Back roller city
Capacity: 40 L (pair)

The Back-Roller City give bikers greater flexibility. Highly incandescent 3M Scotchlite material reflectors on the panniers’ sides increased safety in traffic.

Extra Day2€
1 Day5€
2 Days10€
3 Days15€
4 Days20€
5 Days25€
6 Days28€
1 Week30€

Luggage Trailer

bob-ibex trailer

Type: Bob Ibex
Maximum Load: 30kg
90L water proof bag supplied

With its rugged, three inches of adjustable suspension travel, the Ibex trailer will follow you to the ends of the earth.

Extra Day5€
1 Day20€
2 Days35€
3 Days50€
4 Days60€
5 Days70€
6 Days80€
1 Week85€

Kids Trailer

canal du midi

Type: Igo Venture
Who: kids from 2 to 9 yo
Rear panier: 40L

Experience engaging, active adventures with the iGo bike trailer.  Kids pedal along, making effortless exploration. Safe, interactive, easy to install and all terrain!

Extra Day5€
1 Day15€
2 Days30€
3 Days45€
4 Days55€
5 Days65€
6 Days75€
1 Week80€

2 Seats Bike Trailer 

Bike trailer rental Toulouse

Model: Igo Two
Who: Children from 2 to 9 yo
Charge Max: 45kg (global)

Safe, engaging, and fun. with the Weehoo TWO bike trailer, the front passenger pedals along, making effortless adventures, while the rear passenger enjoys the ride.

Extra Day5€
1 Day20€
2 Days35€
3 Days50€
4 Days60€
5 Days70€
6 Days80€
1 Week85€

Cosy Bike Trailer 1 or 2 kids

canal du midi

Model: Croozer kid Plus for 2
Charge Max: 45kg
Option 1: Babies Hammock for kids from 1 to 10 month (9kg max)
Option 2:  Pedestrian Mode 

Especialy made for your long ride, the innovative suspension promises reliable shock absorption and adjusts automatically to the weight of the passengers.

Extra Day5€
1 Day20€
2 Days35€
3 Days50€
4 Days60€
5 Days70€
6 Days80€
1 Week85€

Handlebar Bag

rear panier canal du midi

Model: Ortlieb Ultimate 6 M Plus

Capacity: 7 Litres

This waterproof  handlebar bag is the perfect place to securely stow your wallet and other valuables.



Child Seat 


Child Bicycle Seat

Who: Children from 1 to 4/5 yo
Charge Max: 22kg

NB: Only available in option with a rented bike



Extra Battery

Type:  Bosch powertube, available in 500wh and 625wh

An Extra battery to double your autonomy.

NB: Only available in option with a rented bike



Rental Inclusion

  • Helmet
  • Bike Lock
  • Service Kit


Travel relaxed!

“Enjoy your journey with our insurance option to stay out of trouble”

Rate: from 2€ to 4€ / Day

Le VélOrement offer you to protect your rental bike against theft and damage at following rate:

Trekking bike“Trek dual sport 2”

  • 2€/day 

Electric trekking bike “Moustache Samedi 27 Xroad3” et “Samedi 26 off”

  • 4€/day


In case of bike damage:

  • 10% of the repair

In case of theft:

  • 10% of the bike price

What is covered?

Your rental bike is covered for:

  • All accidental damage of the bike
  • Theft by mugging/break-in
  • Bike theft when attached to a fixed point, using the provided bike lock

What is excluded?

  • Theft of the bicycle not attached to a fixed point
  • Non-fixed accessories (pump, pike display, battery…)
  • Punctures, wear and tear…

Rental terms and conditions


Electric bike2000€
Junior E MTB1500€
Trekking bike400€
Extra battery600€
Luggage Trailer 400€
kids Trailer400€
Cosy Trailer500€

Where to pick up your E-Bike

Once your reservation has been made, we’ll set up a meeting with you in front of the bike shop of our partner

“Cité2Roues” (Metro François Verdier)


Delivery Options:

At Home, at your guestroom, or at you Hotel


Thanks to give us the adress you want the bicycle to be delivered while booking*.

(This offer is limited to a 15km zone around the city center, for further places contact us)