Le Vélotrement Ebike rental

Terms and Conditions

(copy of the original terms and conditions in French)


Article 1 -Agreement purpose:

The rent of an E-Bike, with basic equipments supplied by VélOtrement, below called “the renter”. The E-Bike, and its basic equipment rented at the end of the present, taken only or collectively, are indicated “the Rented Goods “. The Renter reserves the right to appreciate the capacity of the customer to use a bike within the framework of the rental service. The customer, called the tenant “, declares to be capable of riding an E-bike and have no medical contraindication. He declares to be also covered by a third-party insurance. The Tenant accepts this offer without reserve and makes a commitment to respect the contractual measures of the present contract.


Article 2 – E-Bike equipment:

Every E-Bike is equipped with: lightings, Battery,Charger, Helmet, padlock with key, kit of repair, carries luggage, odometer, bell, and if necessary a key to remove the Battery(Drum kit), an extra battery in option.



Article 3 – Conditions of Use:

3.1-The rent operates the transfer of the legal guarding of the material to the tenant. The tenant clears the renter of any responsibilities ensuing from the use of the rented material and from the possibly suggested routes, in particular the accidents and damage caused to third parties. The tenant assumes accepts the total responsibility of the material equipment during all the rental time. He is solely responsible for any damages caused in the material or because of the material.

3.2- Every minor must be accompanied by a responsible major person.

3.3-The tenant makes a commitment to use himself the rented goods. The loan or the subletting of the rented goods is strictly forbidden.

3.4-The rented material is considered for being in good working order and in compliance with the legislation in force during the rent. Equipment is fixed according to safety standards.

3.5-If the tenant notices a technical failure of the material during the rent, or in case of a crash, the tenant necessarily has to contact the renter as soon as possible. The tenant refrains to intervene on the properties rented in case of breakdown without the agreement of the renter. The tenant has to return the material damaged to the renter in his premises. The latter will proceed to the repair. Except latent defect or normal wear and tear, the material will be charged to the tenant following the current price list. In case of technical failure of the material during the rent, the tenant can not count on no account damages to the renter.

3.6- The tenant makes a commitment to respect the traffic rules. If the tenant, during his rent, violated the laws and the regulations in force, the renter could not be held responsible on no account. The helmet use by the tenant is deeply advised by the renter.

3.7– The tenant reknows that the renter proposed him a helmet in loan.

3.8-When parking the E-Bike,it is compulsory for the tenant to put the anti-theft device. The tenant makes a commitment to stick the frame of the  E-bike to a fixed support and a robust (barrier)

3.9- The tenant makes a commitment to use the properties rented as a father. He is a guard of the rented properties and responsible for their use, both towards the rented properties themselves as towards thirds parties. The tenant makes a commitment to use the material carefully and within the limits of his capacities. Urban area, roads and little damaged ways. Carry Luggage: their use is strictly limited to the port of not voluminous objects, not exceeding a 22 kg weight. He can not serve on no account to transport a person .

3.10– The baby seat is limited to children between 9 monthsto 5 years old with a weight between 8 and 22kg. The baby must be properly strapped with a seatbelt.

3.11- Trailer child pedal is designed for children between 2 and 9 years old for a total weight not exceeding 35kg. (45kg for trailer with 2 seats)

3.12- Baggage trailer, useful load is 30kg max. The tenant is responsible for securing the transported baggage.


Article 4 – Provision and restitution:

The rent comes into effect as the tenant takes up the rented goods. The present contract is effective only for the rental period. The tenant recognizes to have received the properties rented in good working order with the basic equipment. He declares to have had personally all freedom to verify the rented goods and choose them according to his needs. The tenant makes a commitment to restitute the properties rented in the state in which he rented them, excepted the normal wear and tear.


Article 5– Payment :

The payment by the tenant has to follow conditions: – When contacting the e-bike in case of immediate provision – at the time of the command in case of  online reservation or by telephone. The means of payment are: credit card, checks and cash. In every case the deposit is taken at the time of the provision of the rented goods.


Article 6 – Reservation – Cancelation :

Any reservation gives rise to the perception of a 30 % deposit. The tenant has the faculty to cancel a reservation in the following conditions: – more than 30 days before the service: cancellation without motive and return of the deposit. – From 30 days to 24 hours before the service: as compensation VélOtrement keeps the paid deposit. – Less than 24 hours before the service: the entire commanded service is charged to the tenant who obliges to settle it. The expenses of cancellation will be paid when the cancellation is caused by a disease duly justified by the tenant, or in case of terrible weather conditions (wind with gusts furthermore than 80km/hour, storm of rain or snow)


Article 7 – Responsibility:

-The tenant clears VélOtrement of any responsibility ensuing from the use of the properties rented, in particular regarding the physical, material and immaterial consequences of the accidents of all kinds.

-The tenant declares holding a personal insurance in civil liability which guarantees the responsibility incurred on using the properties rented, so much by himself than with the people of whom he is given custody.

-The tenant do not benefits from any cover for the damage or the theft undergone by the rented goods and engages personally his responsibility for all damage or theft.

-The damage undergone by the rented goods, the Theft or the Loss of the rented goods will be charged to the tenant according to the current price list fixed below.

-In the case of  a theft, the tenant shall notify the renter without no delay, filed a complaint with the competent authorities and provide the renter with the complaint.


Article 8 – Déposit:

A deposit is required for each rented items as following :


Item Deposit
Electric trekking bike 2 000 €
Electrike tandem 4 000 €
EMTB (for children) 1 500 €
Bob Yak Trailer 400 €
Trailers with pedals 400 €
Kids Trailers with suspension 500 €


This deposit is not cached during the duration of the rent. At the restoration of the rented goods the depositis is restored to the tenant. The tenant authorize the renter to take the due sums from the deposit: – in conformance with the excess, – in repair of the damages and the theft, according to the list of the degraded equipment of the e-bike – or as compensation for late restitution. It’s expressly advisable that the amount of the deposit could not constitute a limit of guarantee, le Vélotrement keep the right to pursue the tenant in the effect to obtain the whole compensation of its damage.


Article 9 – Restitution:

The restitution of the rented goods will will be done as following – for half day rental, the properties rented must be restitute before 12 am or before 6:30 pm as the half-day rental is in the morning or in the afternoon –  For all other duration the rented properties must be restitute before 6:30 pm at the end of the rental period. Any late restitution will give le Vélotrement to claim for a penalty equal to the price rate of a day of rent, for each half day or day of delay.


Article 10– Renter eviction:

The rented properties can be neither given up, nor put back in guarantee. The tenant can not claim any right for him or any other person about the rented properties. The rented properties will stay le Vélotrement properties at all time.


Article 11– Gift Card:

The gift car is validate when the payment as been done.

The gift car dis for specific person. However it can be given to the person of your choice as long as you contact us to let us know and in order to modify the address and phone number of the new beneficiary.

The beneficiary of the gift card has to contact us to book the service.

The activity of the gift card is replaceable by another activity proposed by Vélotrement, under the condition that the value is lower or equal to the activity mentioned on the gift card. On the other hand it is possible to go for an activity of an upper amount by paying the difference.

WARNING: the gift card is valid one year from starting when buying this voucher. After the period of validity, the service will be considered executed and will not be postponable. The beneficiary and/or the purchaser will not be entitled to any reimbursement or compensation.

The gift voucher is to be presented on the date of release to the Instructor/Guide in charge of the service.


Equipment price list, E-bike Samedi 27 X ROAD:

Item Type Rate
E-bike Samedi 27 X ROAD 3 3100,00€
E-bike Samedi 26 Off 2290,00€
E-Bike Tandem 5999,00€
Battery Bosch 400WH 675,00€
Battery Bosch 500WH 850,00€
Battery Bosch 300WH 500,00€
Control +/- Bosch 50,00€
Computer Intuvia Actve cruise 119,00€
Computer support 40,00€
Chain 10 Vitesses 35,00€
Cassette Sram gx 11-42 10v 150€
Motor ring 14 Dents 25,00€
Derailleur cable Bontrager 3,00€
Crank handle XLC compatible BOSCH 35,00€
Front brake Shimano 30,00€
Brake pade Shimano M515 19,00€
Disk brake XLC Compatible 180/160 20,00€
Inner tube Bontrager 27.5-2,00-2,40 7,00€
Derailleur suport Moustache 20,00€
Pedal XLC Alu 20,00€
Handle 20,00€
Brake lever Shimano 20,00€
Shift gear Sram X5 25,00€
Front wheel Alex Rim/Moyeu Shimano 90,00€
Rear wheel Alex Rim/Moyeu Shimano 110,00€
Tyre Continental Race King 2.2 25,00€
Front light Axa Echo30 30,00€
Rear light Pixeo 25,00€
Saddle Wave Royal Gel 30,00€
Seat post 45,00€
tightening bolt 9,00€
Mudguard 70,00€
Luggage rack 70,00€
Fork SR Suntour NXC 299,00€
Derailleur Sram GX 52,00€
Rear wheel sensor Bosh 30,00€
Joystick motor 50,00€
Bike stand 15,00€
Motor Bosh Active Line 650,00€


Equipment list :


Item Type Rate
Rear panier Back-Roller 120,00€
Helmet Abus Hyban 65,00€
Bike lock Abus 60,00€
Trailer Weehoo Igo venture 459,00€
Trailer Weehoo Igo Two 519,00€
Lugage Trailer Bob Yak with suspension 569,00€
Kids Trailer Croozer Kid plus for 2 729,00€